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Hand-drawn portrait from photo

Arthur, designer 🇫🇷

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Arthur's Happy Life

I grew up in Pontoise, a small medieval town in the Val d'Oise. After studying in an art school I turned to graphic design and illustration and started freelancing.

Very manual and touchy-feely since I was a child, I have developed a vital need to create that I express through drawing, spray painting, silk-screening, DIY and all sorts of things.

Arthur's Happy STYLE

I have a rather refined realistic style. With a few very light grey lines I manage to capture the shapes of the face and a look that I enhance with black stone to create contrast.

I then make the hair with a bright colour with ballpoint pens to bring out the face and finish with some details with coloured pencil.

Why we LOVE Arthur

Arthur seduces us with the classicism and realism of his line, modernised by the use of colour and different tools. We are bluffed by the resemblance of his faces...

The Happy Funky PORTRAIT of Arthur

♥ Do you remember your first aesthetic shock?
I would say that one of my first aesthetic shocks was the giant frescoes made with spray paint, which adorned the walls of an old abandoned Swimming Pool not far from my home. Explosion of colours, details, techniques.

♥ The artist you would like to meet? What would you say to him?
Pat Perry, I would tell him to keep going because he inspires me so much.

What is your favourite colour? What does it inspire you?
I would say blue. It inspires me to be calm, to be patient

an original and personalised gift
an original and personalised gift

♥ Which museum gives you the greatest emotion? Why do you ask?
The street! So much inspiration everywhere, whether it's street art, graffiti, ads, Poster Logos and so on.

♥ Which piece of art would you buy without hesitation if you had an unlimited budget?
I would say a work by BANKSY

♥ In which city do you feel happiest? Why do you think so? Share your 3 favourite addresses.
Pontoise without a doubt. We have fun calling it the capital of the world between Pontoisien.

Between the ramparts on the banks of the Oise, the town centre

an original and personalised gift

♥ What book keeps you up all night?
None, reading is not really my thing 🙂

♥ What are your biggest sources of inspiration?
The street, people, networks like instagram, behance, pinterest.

♥ What's the funkiest thing you've done in your life?

♥ What is your definition of happiness?
Sunshine, being with the people I love, Creating!

an original and personalised gift

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