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Dale's Portrait of Happy Funky Family - Customized Family Portrait

Dale, painter 🏴

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Dale's Happy LIFE

I am a visual artist born in Zambia, educated in Scotland and now based in France. I work from photographic images and create paintings, prints and installation work.

I have two main themes in my work: the family portrait and the cityscape. I work with collected and found photographs of the family, mainly my own, as well as photographs taken in the urban environment where I live.

Dale's Happy Style

I am a mixed artist (visual artist) and photography serves as a connection in my work but I do not consider myself a photographer.

Over the years I have worked with many materials from ceramics to steel, a combination of paint and different digital and hand printed techniques.
The work with aluminium started after I discovered the English artist Gary Hume whose technique inspired me a lot.

Why do we LOVE Dale

We're absolute fans of Dale's '50s side. His choice of colour also helps to intensify the vintage touch of his creations.

He was able to develop his own mixed technique based on screen printing, digital and painting. The rendering on aluminium plates is really original and in perfect harmony with his style.

Dale's Happy Funky PORTRAIT

♥ Do you remember your first aesthetic shock?
"The Importance of Being Earnest" by Oscar Wild with Judi Dench at the Citizens Theatre in Glasgow when I was 15. The first time seeing a play in a formal theatre.

♥ The artist you would like to meet? What would you say to him?
Edward Hopper, just want to talk about painting and life.

♥ What is your favourite colour?
Blue. Rainbows are inspiring and come in all colours.

Family portrait silkscreen printing and painting on metal
Family portrait silkscreen printing and painting on metal

♥ Which museum gives you the greatest emotion? Why?
My childhood museum, the National Museum of Scotland in Edinburgh for nostalgic reasons.The National Museum of Scotland in Edinburgh for nostalgic reasons.

♥ Which piece of art would you buy without hesitation if you had an unlimited budget?
Rachel Whiteread's House (although it no longer exists)

♥ In which city do you feel happiest? Why do you think so? Share your 3 favourite places.
I'm torn between Edinburgh and Paris.
The Shore, Broughton Street and Victoria Street in Edinburgh.
L'ile Saint Louis, rue Oberkampf and anywhere along the Seine in Paris.

Family portrait silkscreen printing and painting on metal

♥ What book keeps you up all night?
J.K. Rowling's Harry Potter series, total escape for all ages.

♥ What are your biggest sources of inspiration?
My art teachers at school who showed me that drawing and painting was something of value and potentially a career choice.

♥ What's the funkiest thing you've done in your life?
Go to art school.

♥ What is your definition of happiness?
Walking on the hills in Scotland on a long summer's day with a sketchbook and forgetting the notion of time.

Family portrait silkscreen printing and painting on metal

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