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Tableau de Paris

By 11 March 2024May 23rd, 2024No Comments
oeuvre d'art de Paris

Why not let yourself be tempted by a painting of Paris to decorate your apartment or office? But be careful, a happy Paris, an arty Paris, a Paris magnified by our talented artists!

Ernest Hemingway was right: Paris is a party ✨🌈⚡️!

With the @Gamesolympiques fast approaching, there’s no better time to reveal the charm of PARIS in all its facets. Last week we discovered the official poster, designed by the talented Ugo Gattoni, and here we present you with some very different, very feminine versions that put Paris in the spotlight.

Let yourself be carried away by the captivating artistic universe of Lison, Margot and Cécile, three exceptional creators who have captured the essence of Paris in their unique works.

Lison celebrates Parisian life in pink with her cheerful, almost naive style, inspired by her Reunionese origins.


oeuvre d'art de Paris


Cécile’s style is very 80s graphic, with a very short, flashy color palette.


oeuvre d'art de Paris


oeuvre d'art de Paris

Finally, Margot presents Paris from a more classical angle. She creates a link between Paris and fashion with a pencil line that recalls the sketches of the great couturiers.

oeuvre d'art de Paris


But that’s not all – these three artists, specialists in made-to-measure work, are ready to adapt these inspirations to your company, your colors and your events to create an invitation, illustrate a publication or create a unique work of art.

Imagine your story told through these paintings, a perfect fusion of Parisian elegance and your distinctive identity. Lison, Margot and Cécile are ready to bring your ideas to life, creating work that will transcend expectations and leave an indelible mark.

As we eagerly await the stars of French sport in Paris, Lison has paid tribute to our favorite athletes in a mischievous creation! Agbegnenou Clarisse, Tony Yoka, Renaud Delavillenie, Teddy Riner and all the others, we’re right there with you!

Please contact us to discuss how we can turn your ideas into artistic reality. Your story deserves to be told through works that transcend time and space.

Contact us today to create your own personalized masterpiece that will captivate the world around you.

Paris is a party, and with our exceptional artists, your story will become an unforgettable artistic celebration. ✨🎨 #ParisArtiste #ArtSurMesure #CreativityUnlimited #ParisEstUneFête