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Happy Funky Family for companies

A 100% customized artistic experience

Whether you are a unicorn, a start-up, a family business, a hair salon, a shopkeeper, a hotel or a restaurant... our artists create for you, according to your needs, your desires, your values and your budgets, unique unique works of art from photos of :

  • your teams, collaborators orclients
  • your products
  • your premises or highlights.

Every creation starts with a conversation. Even if you're just looking for gift ideas for your colleagues, teams, events... Tell us a few words about your idea, desire, or project.

Our concept

Happy Funky Family is a gallery specialized in custom-made artworks.

We collaborate with 50 international artists selected for their talents and the diversity of their style and technique:

drawing, painting, comics, street-art,

collage, digital illustration, 

ceramic, textile or embroidery.

More than a work of art, we offer a complete creative approach and an arty experience experience for your employees.

Presentation of our artists
team portrait
art made to measure for companies

4 possible choices of artistic experience

Team portrait

  • Individuals (each one provides a photo that showcases him or her)
  • group photo (a simple team photo, taken with a cell phone)

Portrait of happiness (no need for photos but a brief)

Collaborative work with an artist (the artist leads a session)

Artistic animations of events (by artists)

Let's discuss your project

An impactful and committed decoration

Your collaboration with our artists supports creation and is in line with the current demands of employees who are sensitive to meaningful initiatives.

An investment at a reasonable cost considering the tax benefits.

Want to know more?
personalized portrait from photo

They trust us

luxury palace
invitation for hotel
art made to measure for companies
art made to measure for companies
art made to measure for companies
art made to measure for companies
art made to measure for companies
art made to measure for companies
art made to measure for companies
art made to measure for companies
art made to measure for companies

An artistic adventure in 4 stages

Tailor-made advice and support

We listen to your desires, artistic sensitivity, the character of your company, your values, your needs and your budget to accompany you and advise you in your artistic choices.

A personalized curation service

Proposal of a selection of artists and media to be validated with you.
Possible organisation of meetings with the artists and live performance sessions in your company.

Personalization of the work

On the basis of our pre-established questionnaire, you question your collaborators and define the artist, the values, the colors to put forward.

Follow-up & Delivery of your works

Once the selection is validated, the HFF manages the follow-up of the realization until the delivery.
The inauguration of the work can be theatricalized with the presence of the artist in option

The work of art is you!

portrait of two creators
greeting card for a company
customized portrait


Profile: The two co-founders
Usage: Social networks and newsletter
Artist: Lison

Impact Consulting 

Portrait: of the employer brand
Usage: E-card in Gif

Artist: Cecile

Yes General 

Portrait: of the restaurant's chef
Usage: Web

Artist: Cecile

Our commitments

Unique Creations
Talented Artists
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Superior Quality
Attention to detail and finishes
happy customers
Happy customers
Opinions on google 5/5
an ethical approach
Approach taken
A portrait for life
Secure payment
Secure payment
Bank transfer, Paypal
Customer Service
Customer Service
6d/7 by phone, chat or email
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