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HAPPY FUNKY FAMILY supports professionals in their tailor-made artistic projects

With a selection of over 50 contemporary artistsHappy Funky Family is the first art gallery specializing in the creation of personalized works of art that blend harmoniously into all types of private and professional decoration projects.

We offer you a personalized support service for commissioned works of art for offices, head offices, professionals, start-ups, family businesses, hotels, restaurants, retailers, interior designers...

Embellish your workspaces whilebenefiting fromtax advantages , and transform your company's raison d'être, values, vision and employee experience into a work of art!

Contact us to talk about your professional artistic project!

Questions, hesitations? Our Happy Funky Family Pro team will be delighted to support you in all your projects and/or answer any questions you may have.

Our artists come from all backgrounds, styles and techniques: drawing, painting, comics, street-art, collage, digital illustration, ceramics, textiles or embroidery... creating customized works for you and with you, according to your needs, desires, values, inspirations and budget.

  • works that celebrate your brand, corporate culture, DNA
  • portraits of the key players in your human adventure
  • artistic experiences with the artists

Every creation starts with a conversation. Even if you're just looking for gift ideas for your colleagues, teams, events... Tell us a few words about your idea, desire, or project.

Offers tailored to your sector

According to your needs and desires


& Offices

Exhibit art that reflects your personality



Bring Art into your practice.

Hotels &


Embellish your spaces with decor that reflects your personality!

Decorators &


Tailor-made works that fit in with your projects.

3 choices of tailor-made artistic experiences 

3 areas of expertise for a comprehensive approach to creating value for our customers

Works that celebrate your brand

  • your corporate culture
  • your mission
  • your products in the spotlight

Portrait of the key players in your human adventure

  • Individuals (each one provides a photo that showcases him or her)
  • group photo (a simple team photo, taken with a cell phone)

Emotional experiences around art

  • Collaborative work with an artist (the artist leads a session)
  • Artistic animations

The benefits of custom art

Your collaboration with our artists supports creation and is in line with the current demands of employees and customers who are sensitive to meaningful initiatives.

For your employees
  • Rallying people around a corporate project
  • Strengthening the sense of belonging
  • A source of pride, productivity and creativity
  • Add a unique and original aesthetic and artistic dimension
For your HR
  • Retaining your talent
  • Strengthening team cohesion
  • Attracting new employees
personalized portrait from photo
Art enters the company
For the company
  • Beautify your spaces...
  • Sharing art and its benefits
  • Tax benefits
  • Communicating corporate culture differently
For your customers
  • Present your company with originality
  • A genuine vector for internal and external communication
  • Aesthetic, cultural and artistic dimension

Artistic animations for events

To enhance the customer experience in your stores, thank customers at a meeting or leave a lasting impression on your staff, live portraits are an original way to liven up your events.

Our artists, specialists in live sketching, create customized portraits in 10-15 minutes in various styles

We also offer artistic and graphic transcription services for events (during conventions or pitch sessions)

live sketching artists catalog
portrait on the spot

An artistic concierge service

To enhance the customer experience at your hotel or company, or for a special event, we offer an exclusively artistic concierge service.

car painting exhibition

We adapt to your needs and put our knowledge of the art market at your disposal:

  • organization of thematic exhibitions
  • visit to artists' studios
  • search for a work (style or artist)
  • recommendations for cultural visits off the beaten track (optional accompaniment)
Tell us about your projects

They trust us

luxury palace
invitation for hotel
art made to measure for companies
art made to measure for companies
art made to measure for companies
art made to measure for companies
art made to measure for companies
art made to measure for companies
art made to measure for companies
art made to measure for companies

An artistic adventure in 4 stages

Tailor-made advice and support

We listen to your desires, artistic sensitivity, the character of your company, your values, your needs and your budget to accompany you and advise you in your artistic choices.

A personalized curation service

Proposal of a selection of artists and media to be validated with you.
Possible organisation of meetings with the artists and live performance sessions in your company.

Personalization of the work

On the basis of our pre-established questionnaire, you question your collaborators and define the artist, the values, the colors to put forward.

Follow-up & Delivery of your works

Once the selection is validated, the HFF manages the follow-up of the realization until the delivery.
The inauguration of the work can be theatricalized with the presence of the artist in option

Our achievements

Each of our projects is the fruit of careful thought and close collaboration with our customers. And because images speak for themselves, take a look at some of our achievements!

RSM Consulting

Employee portraits to decorate offices


Brand portrait for Valentine's Day in-store animation

Les Filles et les Garçons de la Tech

Portrait of corporate culture for office design


Portrait of the founders

Impact Consulting

Brand portrait for animated greeting card

Hotel Mademoiselle

Hotel and staff portrait to decorate the lobby

Les Gambettes

Employee profiles and office decor products

Fünf Höfe

Live portrait for a store animation

Great Place to Work

Employee portrait for the break room

Twelve consulting

Employee portraits to decorate offices

Les Barmes de l'Ours

Invitation portrait for the season opening

Expat Communication

Employee portraits to decorate offices

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Customer Service
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To animate our community, we regularly organize events with other key players in the sector. What's on the agenda? Valuable opportunities, inspiring discussions, and a shared passion for art and artists. 

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