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Portraits of celebrities and superheroes


They fascinate you with their talent, their personality, their exciting life or their beauty, so treat yourself and order their portrait to be admired daily!

Portraits of celebrities

We are often in awe and sometimes even jealous of the most influential celebrities and their success! However, we love them deeply and often even feel that they are a part of our culture, our life and our family. Our artists have a deep admiration for certain celebrities that they have transformed into beautiful works of art for us to enjoy.

Portraits of superheroes!

They have accompanied us during our childhood, they are almost part of our family. They fascinate our children with their super powers or their incredible talent. Treat yourself to a little regressive pleasure by ordering a portrait of your favourite hero from one of our talented artists.

Need some inspiration?

There’s nothing like looking to art history for inspiration. So we can’t resist sharing with you these beautiful portraits by talented artists!

Any doubts about the choice of artist?

If you are not sure of your choice, we have your solution:

our E-Gift Card!