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Between Marie and Lisa, my heart sways! How to choose between Olivier and Jean-Louis?

You have a crush on several artists, but you have trouble deciding? Call on the Happy Funky Sisters! By email, phone or video, we are at your disposal to advise you and to define with you the artist best adapted to your artistic sensibility, to your decoration or to the personality of the recipient of the gift.

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    🎨 Create your own unique masterpiece with our talented artists!

    Looking to capture the timeless beauty of your precious moments? Look no further! Our exceptional artists are ready to transform your family photos into true masterpieces. Whether you're dreaming of a striking portrait, a personalized painting of your tribe or even an illustration bursting with life, we have the perfect artist for you.

    Portrait Masters: Let our painters and artists bring your memories to life. Their unrivalled talents will capture every detail of your expressions and emotions, transforming your family photos into timeless works of art. Each brushstroke or pencil stroke will reveal the very essence of your precious bond.

    L'Illustration Magique: Dreaming of a work that tells a story? Our talented illustrators are here to bring your favorite moments to life. From a family drawing to a portrait of your significant other, their boundless creativity will add a unique touch of charm to every creation.

    Colors and Emotions: The masters of watercolor are ready to transform your family photos into veritable rainbows of emotion. Each touch of color will reveal the bonds that unite you, creating a vibrant, living work of art that will always remind you of those special moments.

    The Magic of Cyanotype: If you're looking for an aesthetic that's both retro and modern, our cyanotype experts are here to create one-of-a-kind images. Your family photos will come to life in deep blue hues, adding a mysterious and captivating atmosphere to every portrait.

    Palimpsest of Memories: Our specialized palimpsest artists will capture the layering of memories, creating a complex and emotional work of art. Each added element tells a part of your story, transforming your family photos into an artistic treasure trove full of depth.

    Art in the Details: For a touch of timeless elegance, our quilters and embroiderers add delicate texture to your portraits. Each feather and thread is carefully chosen to create a composition that exudes life and love.

    The World of Tape Art: If you're looking for a bold, modern approach, our specialist tape artists are here to transform your photos into unique geometric works. Each strip of tape becomes a line of expression, creating a striking fusion between photography and contemporary art.

    Whether you want a drawn portrait, a luminous watercolor or a textured work of art, our team of passionate artists is ready to bring your ideas to life. Transform your family photos into artistic treasures, and cherish your memories in a new and inspiring way.

    Contact us today and create your own unforgettable artistic story!

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