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The Happy Funky Family

The story of the Happy Funky Family

Two sisters...

Nathalie and Caroline, nourished by art and travel since their childhood.

Our numerous expatriations have always had in common the love of our family, a boundless curiosity and an irresistible desire to discover the artistic universe of the countries we have visited.

Especially two Happy Funky sisters who love each other and dream of one day living in the same country! As we couldn't find each other geographically, we decided to embark on this beautiful artistic project.

Beyond our love for beauty, we wanted to develop a project that makes sense. We are therefore delighted with the opportunity we have been given. to support talented young artists from all over the world.

In addition to being two sisters, we are also two mothers (of 6 happy funky children between us!) and two globetrotters who with their tribe discover the world and life abroad, reinventing ourselves at every step.

Nathalie, buyer at Galeries Lafayette, scouting for artistic talents in Romania, photographer and creator of a souvenir line in India, art and vintage furniture gallery owner in Serbia, then journalist in Marseille!

Caroline, textile buyer in the fashion industry, textile key account manager in Barcelona and Munich, entrepreneur at heart in Rio and Lisbon where she co-founded "Pois Selection", an e-commerce of authentic products made in Portugal, then found new niche brands in Munich!

From our dream of finally collaborating together was born at the beginning of January 2020 the HAPPY FUNKY FAMILY project, which brings the family portrait up to date so that the memories remain memorable and come to light. Finally an Arty decoration that looks like you!

two happy funky sisters Caroline Heukamp and Nathalie Boscq
logo happy funky family portrait
The values


"Creation is an act of sharing," David Hockney...

Creation is an act of sharing, we are convinced of this and wish to create a close link between art and family by spreading joy, love and pleasure through unique works, your family portraits, created by artists with a big heart.

Our values are first and foremost:

  • benevolence towards our artists, clients and partners
  • sharing our address book of wonderful artists
  • the authenticity of the portraits we propose
  • the durability of a work that will make you smile forever.
  • Last but not least, this joy of life and good mood that animates us and that we wish to be communicative!
Happy funky family of artists

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