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portrait of Noel from photos

This year, Christmas will be 100% Arty with custom-made portraits!

So that your most beautiful memories last forever...

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A must-have gift to put some joy under the tree.

The year 2022 will have been rich in emotions, beautiful surprises, laughter and precious moments shared with family and friends.

And with Christmas fast approaching, it's a good time to pull out your best photos, rethink your home decor or simply start your Christmas gift list with creativity and art.
or simply start your Christmas gift list with creativity and art.

Dare to give a gift that makes sense, that feels good, that will last and that will be admired all year long and much more.

A gift to extend all our family memories through a unique work of art, handcrafted from your most beautiful photos.

Your family photos are memorable. Don't leave them in a drawer!

Your phone follows you everywhere and has so many precious memories and photos.

So it's time to bring to life all those small and big moments of happiness that you shared this year with your family, your friends, your colleagues...

Start your Christmas list with a work of art from photos, it is a UNIQUE and PERSONALIZED gift! To be given and admired every day for the greatest happiness of all.

commissioned portrait from photo

A moving and unique Christmas gift,

to immortalize an exceptional moment of happiness.

Are you looking for an original gift to give to your loved ones?

By immortalizing your photos in a personalized work of art, you are sure to touch their hearts.

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How does it work?

Step 1:

I choose an ARTIST, his technique, his style

handmade portrait from a photo

Step 2:

I choose one or more photos as a model

handmade portrait from a photo

Step 3:

I receive 1 or 2 drafts of the portrait before the final choice

handmade portrait from a photo


I hang up my work and admire it daily!

Our selection of artists to transform your family photos

into a work of art!

Olivier, tape artist

from 980 euros

Elise, painter

from 900 euros

Juliette, painter

from 350 euros

Luc, digital illustrator

from 150 euros

Lison, digital illustrator

from 400 euros

Warren, digital illustrator

from 610 euros

Cécile, digital illustrator

from 550 euros

Olivier, digital illustrator

from 340 euros

Alexis, street artist

from 800 euros

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