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Our Happy Funky Clients

personalized family portrait from a photo

Girlfriend for life!

Julie de Münich

Salome and Juliet are the best friends in the world. Salomé offered her Juju a portrait of the two of them in New York (their common dream) to hang in her room.

Family portrait as a birthday gift

Beloved wife!

Christine de Marseille

For her birthday, Christine received this family portrait made by Marie. It was her husband who selected the artist and the photos. A nice way to remind the woman of her life that we love her madly!

Family portrait received for her birthday by nathalie

Sister very touched

Nathalie de Marseille

For her birthday Nathalie received this very nice portrait made by Virginie. A colorful collage of the two sisters. We can see the bubbles of the champagne they like to drink when they get together, too rarely!

personalized family portrait from a photo

Marry as happy as ever!

Andrea from Cologne

For the anniversary of her 10th wedding anniversary, Andrea received her wedding portrait lovingly embroidered by Telma from Portugal.

portrait of grandchildren for a grandmother

Grandma's in heaven!

Françoise de Paris

For Grandmothers Day, Françoise received this portrait of her grandchildren embroidered by our artist Telma in Portugal.

Sister accomplices!

Caroline from Munich

Each Happy Funky Family artist has created a portrait of the Happy Funky Sisters. This one is an illustration by Toni that we like very much.

Family Portrait drawn with Posca and Indian ink

Very spoiled husband!

Marseille Stone

Santa Claus surprised Pierre by bringing him this family portrait (he also got a bicycle and a sweater!). He recognized his wife covered in jewels, his eldest son just graduated, his daughter and her cat, as well as the youngest and the bobsleigh she never leaves. A lot of emotions...

family portrait with illustration and photo technique

Family Christmas greetings

Heukamp family in Munich

The Heukamp Family has chosen a family portrait by Jeanne to send her greetings to all her family and friends. A nice way to celebrate their recent arrival in Munich and to tell everyone you love that you love them...

personalized family portrait from a photo

Expatriate family!

Christelle of Athens

When they left Athens, Christelle decided to offer the whole family a portrait lovingly painted by Toni to remember all the good times spent in Greece together!

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