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Personalized family portrait from a photo!

So that your most beautiful family moments last forever...

No more impersonal and soulless objects that end up relegated to the bottom of a drawer, ephemeral gadgets, the seen and seen again… We dare to give a gift that has meaning, that feels good and that will last all year long and much more.

I love to make my brothers and sisters laugh, I love to chat with my mom, I love spending time with my dad, I love our family meals where someone always ends up getting angry, I love to be consoled when I’m sad, I love to surprise them, in short, I love my family, it’s so unique!

These are all moments that we suggest you immortalize to enjoy their benefits daily.

We can’t resist the joy of sharing with you a few INSPIRING EXAMPLES!

Portrait from a photo drawn by Marie

Art, love and happiness in addition


Happy Funky Family offers everyone the opportunity to live an exceptional adventure: commemorate your most beautiful memories with a beautiful work of art, witnessing all the little and big joys of life.

Created from photos, it can then be offered to all our loved ones to show them that we love them.

An original, authentic and moving gift, which immortalizes all the most beautiful moments.

The art that brings you together and looks like you


A trip to the end of the world, a Sunday lunch with the family, an outing with friends are all exceptional moments to be transformed into a work of art.

A family portrait celebrates the bonds of the heart, puts color on the walls and brings a smile to the face of everyday life because there is no more beautiful work of art than that which represents the people we love…

Portrait from photo made in illustration by Cécile

Portrait from photo made in painting by Loana

Your family photos are memorable. Don’t leave them in a drawer or in your phone!

Don’t leave your most beautiful family photos lying around in a drawer. Enjoy the happiness of your loved ones every day by turning them into a unique picture you can admire every day.

Our unique works of art are handcrafted from your most beautiful family photos. The artists of the Happy Funky Family illustrate the most beautiful moments of your life in a unique and singular work of art.

A singular gift, for an exceptional moment of life.

Are you looking for an original gift to offer to your loved ones?

You have the possibility to create a kitty that we can fully manage. A touching way to show them your affection by offering them a common gift for a birthday, a wedding anniversary or any other festive celebration!

Portrait from photo made in illustration by Lison


Our selection of artists to transform your family photos

into a work of art!


Ballpoint pen portrait by Céline

Portrait from a photo made in doodles by Maxime

Portrait from photo made for illustration by Luc

Portrait from photo made in illustration by Mathilde

Portrait from photo made in illustration by Cécile A

Portrait from photo made in illustration by Cécile

How does it work?

Step 1:

I choose an ARTIST, his technique, his style

Step 2:

I choose one or more photos as a model

Step 3:

I receive 1 or 2 drafts of the portrait before the final choice


I hang up my work and admire it daily!

To discuss your portrait project, a gift idea or your kitty and ask a question to the Happy Funky Sisters before ordering, it's here:

    You will receive a reply within 48 hours