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Mother's Day


A portrait of the children or grandchildren

They have grown up and left the nest, she looks after them every Wednesday, she is our pillar, our advisor, our guardian angel, she tells us that we are "the apple of her eye" so let's give her this pleasure and offer her a portrait that will please her for sure

A family portrait

There is no greater happiness than to be reunited with those you love, so even if it's not always possible, there's nothing stopping you from immortalizing these exceptional moments.

MOTHER'S DAY is the perfect opportunity to spoil your mother more than you should. And if we can't always find the words to express our admiration for her, the simplest thing to do is to give her a gift that represents her most precious possession, a gift filled with love that she will remember for a long time.

A portrait of her

Simply because she is the most beautiful... and it will make her so happy to hear that.

Don't look for your words

If words fail you, borrow them from Victor Hugo:

To Mom

My heart tells me it's your party
I always believe my heart when it speaks of you
Mama, what should this heart wish for you?
Treasures? Honours? Thrones? No, of course not!
But happiness equal to mine when I see you.

Victor Hugo, Poem written on September 27, 1816

Need some inspiration?

Finally, there is nothing like drawing on art history to find inspiration. So we can't resist sharing with you this article from Connaissances des Arts, which has selected for you some twenty works full of tenderness and sweetness. From Giotto to Bourgeois, through Raphael, Vigée Le Brun, Van Gogh and Schiele, we look back at 20 paintings and sculptures that highlight maternal love.

Mother's day table
Mother's Day Portrait
Portrait of Markus Gheeraerts The young

Any doubts about Mum's artistic sensitivity?

If you are not sure of your choice, we have your solution:

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