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A selection of 50 contemporary artists for all tastes and budgets transform your photos into unique works of art!

A work of art designed especially for you by the artist of your choice, to fit in with all your private and professional furnishing projects.

The personalized gift that makes sense, that feels good and that will last forever.

custom-made picture from photo


A selection of 50 artists for all tastes and budgets transform your photos into works of art!

A work of art designed especially for you by the artist of your choice, to fit in with all your private and professional furnishing projects.

The personalized gift that makes sense, that feels good and that will last forever.


"And here, by a space-time jump and a solid dose of good humor, the Happy Funky Family repimpses the command portrait altogether. How does it work? You entrust a photo (nowadays, we don't have time to play the Mona Lisa), you choose online from an eclectic selection of 50 artists and your model is immortalized as a custom-made work of art. One of these days, we may find you in the museum, who knows?" - Sudnly

Art gallery specializing in personalized paintings 

Birthday, Wedding, Party... : a unique and moving gift for every occasion!

Bring a unique artistic touch to your interior design projects.

How to order on Happy Funky Family?

We take care of everything to offer you the most personalized experience possible: from the selection of the artist, to the choice of the photo, to the choice of the frame or the printing medium.

We supervise the creative process by sending you the different stages of your work in progress.

Step 1:

I choose an ARTIST, his technique, his style

handmade portrait from a photo

Step 2:

I choose one or more photos as a model

handmade portrait from a photo

Step 3:

I receive 1 or 2 drafts of the portrait before the final choice

handmade portrait from a photo


I hang up my work and admire it daily!

Order your portrait in just 3 clicks


100% handmade paintings

by rated artists or future stars of tomorrow!

Drawing, Collage, Painting, Embroidery, digital illustration, photographic montage are as many techniques at your disposal to realize your your most your most beautiful portrait.


New artist in our selection!

We've fallen in love with Chloé, a talented young artist who's not afraid of a challenge.

Chloé seduced us with her very colorful universe and her total freedom in the use of colors. Her characters are blue, purple and red, giving them an incredible character.

Another special feature is the backgrounds printed in perfect harmony with the characters' outfits, a carefully thought-out composition that works wonders!

Chloé has achieved the feat of creating paintings that are both very similar and very modern, and we love it!

Discover Chloé

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An offer also for professionals!

Hotels, restaurants, liberal professions, co-working or shops, professionals regularly call on the Happy Funky Family:

  • illustrate an annual activity report, a website,
  • federate teams, build loyalty and enhance the value of employees,
  • create invitations and greeting cards in your image,
  • animate events with live sketching,
  • rendering meetings with artistic-graphic facilitation

Our artists showcase your most valuable assets, your talents, employees, products, partners or customers. All you need is a photo!

All our creations start with a discussion, so we are always available to advise you.

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Your FAMILY PORTRAIT becomes your most beautiful artwork.

Marguerite Boscq
Marguerite Boscq
21. July, 2021.
Thanks to the Happy Funky Family I will always have a sweet memory of my cat Pepito! This portrait will always be close to me.
21. July, 2021.
I was so happy to receive this beautiful family portrait for my birthday. Every morning when I wake up, I smile when I look at this work of art which represents what I love most in the world.
Blandine Mantelin
Blandine Mantelin
29. May, 2021.
Happy Funky Family is a great team: two dynamic and funny entrepreneurial sisters who have identified very talented artists of different styles to bring colour to what we hold most dear. Great concept for a great result!
Joël Lebeschu
Joël Lebeschu
4. May, 2021.
A friendly welcome, quality artists, fast service, a dynamic company to recommend;
eugenie darge
eugenie darge
17. April, 2021.
Big success on the family portrait ordered! The artist Marie has a great talent, it's good to make this kind of gift at this time!
Frank Bougrier
Frank Bougrier
29. March, 2021.
Super happy with our portrait!!! Awesome 🙂
rodolphe lenoir
rodolphe lenoir
18. February, 2021.
Great concept. More than a purchase, an experience: an exchange with the team on the needs, the sketches. And in the end, a work of art offered that will stay for years and embellish our home. Thank you Happy Funky Sisters!
Laurent Rousseau
Laurent Rousseau
27. January, 2021.
Really excellent: easy to navigate, with lots of really nice options. I recommend the coaching option! Thank you for your help!
Christelle Dorfmeister
Christelle Dorfmeister
26. January, 2021.
We had a family portrait done by Toni and we loved the result! The Happy Funk Sisters were very responsive and listened to us so that the project would fit perfectly with our expectations! The communication was perfect and the artists' proposals were varied and all very original. We recommend without hesitation this unique experience to keep memories of your precious family moments.


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Happy customers
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Customer Service
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Do you have any questions?

Discover our TUTOS

Who are the Happy Funky Sisters?

Discover their interview


What is a custom work?

We turn your photos into works of art A custom portrait is a portrait made at the invitation of a client by an artist. Happy Funky Family gives you the opportunity not to pose for hours on end in front of an artist. painter or a designer. All you have to do is send a simple photo of your mobile phone or computer and that's it.

On the other hand, you must understand that the artist is not a psychic, he cannot guess what is in your head. You must therefore express your expectations in detail. To do this, we invite you to give us as much information as possible about your wishes for the composition, the choice of your clothes and/or accessories, your favourite colours or those to be avoided, and your wishes for the decor (sea, nature, forest, vintage decor etc...) when placing your order. Please do not hesitate to send us additional photos to illustrate your wishes and to specify if you have a reference photo.

Why order a custom portrait?

finally a decoration that looks like youThere are of course sublime works of art for all tastes, all styles and all budgets. However, nothing can match the joy and happiness of a commissioned work. Our clients immerse themselves in their family history to describe to us the characters that will constitute a work of art. This first introspection is already a source of happiness. Offering a personalised portrait is above all offering love, yours and that of the artist. A commissioned portrait is in a way a mirror of the soul, it is in any case a work of art with a real extra soul. It is a real luxury to be able to afford the talents of an artist and for lovers of the handmade, the unique and the original an absolute bargain. The more we advance in a digital world, the more the human element becomes the absolute luxury.

Other clients want to freeze in marble the most beautiful moments of their life: a birth, a wedding, a family reunion... and admire daily a work that will remind them of these magical moments. In this case, the commissioned portrait makes it possible to immortalise the ephemeral.
There is much talk about the scourge of the 22nd century: loneliness. A commissioned portrait is not only a way of saying I love you to your loved ones, but also a way of reminding everyone that their loved ones are always at their side.
A commissioned portrait is simply a piece of work that speaks to the client's heart. Admiring loved ones in art form is ultimately a form of grace! We all need that "je ne sais quoi" that makes life more beautiful and makes us feel good.

How to choose the reference photo(s)?

custom-made portrait from photoOur artists transform one or more photos into a unique and personalized work of art.

They work from digital photos but nothing prevents you from scanning or photographing paper photos and sending them to us.

The better the quality of the photos, the easier it is for the artist to use them. It is always better to send more photos than less.

Often customers tell us, I couldn't find a good picture!!! It does not matter. Our artists put their creativity at your service to transform a banal photo into a work of art.

Do I need one or more photos? There are actually two cases:

  1. Artists who can use multiple photos

It is the artists who interpret your photos and use them for inspiration, illustrators like Lison or Carole, all painters and drawers. You can send them photos of different people in several photos as long as the light is similar and the pose can be reused, photos of the decor, photos of accessories or clothing to be integrated etc...

2. Artists who start from a single photo

These are the artists who use the photo in the work of art: digital illustrators like Olivier who rework and recolour the image, Cécile A. who starts from a single photo to redraw it, Esther who proposes a cyanotype treatment, embroiderers who use it as a base, Ced who will exploit it with digital confetti, Polette who will rework it and paint it on plexi, Marie-Ange, a talented feather worker etc. ....

In both cases, it is always important to define a reference photo that serves as a basis for the artist to work on the composition.

At each step, the sisters, Caroline and Nathalie are at your disposal to inform you by mail or by phone if you have any doubt or question.

How do I choose an artist to create a custom portrait?

a personalised wedding giftA commissioned work is a unique gift made for the recipient. By choosing the right artist, you can match colour and style to the personality of the recipient of the portrait. In our catalogue you will find a wide range of techniques and styles to suit all tastes and budgets: painters, designers, digital illustrators, photographers, ceramists, embroiderers and even specialists in paper or digital collage. The Happy Funky Sisters are two consultants ready to advise you at any time.

Some customers order a portrait for a specific location. We've heard it before: my wall is blue and is this size, who do you recommend? Or, I have this beautiful Scandinavian sideboard that is 2.5 metres long and I want a painting to put on top of it. In these cases, we try to find out a little more about the client's taste in interior design and generally recommend the three artists who are closest to their affinities. The advantage of a commissioned portrait in this case is that you are free to choose the format and to direct the artist towards the colour palette that will best suit your interior.

Some clients order a personality portrait for a special occasion, a wedding, a baptism, a retirement. In this case, we try to know the artistic sensibility of the recipient and advise artists sometimes specialized in children, weddings or even animal portraits!

It's a nice way to remember and to tell each other, but also to do something for yourself: a pleasure to be admired without moderation on a daily basis. Ready to create your work of art together? a little attention for a big emotion.

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