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Words, always words, more words

We steal the formula from our dear Dalida to concoct a little happy funky lexicon for you!

A is for


An artist is an individual who makes (a) work, cultivates or masters an art, a knowledge, a technique, and whose creativity, poetry, originality of production, acts, gestures, etc., are noted.

His works are a source of emotions, feelings, reflection, spirituality or transcendence.

Discover the talented artists of the Happy Funky Family.


An anniversary is the commemoration of an event celebrated on the anniversary of the date on which it took place (e.g. a birth).

In many cultures, it is common to celebrate the birthday of one's relatives or friends by throwing a party and giving gifts to the person concerned. It is also an opportunity to pamper them more than usual on this day, to fulfil some of their wishes...

Our clients often call on us to create unique and original birthday gifts.


Watercolour is a paint in which gum arabic binds transparent pigments to reveal the paint surface. Gouache, which has the same composition, is opaque.

A watercolour is a water-based painting on paper. A work painted in watercolour is rarely referred to as a painting 1. When watercolour adds colour to an image produced using other techniques, it is called a drawing, engraving or lithograph with watercolour highlights 2. The appreciation of a work as a watercolour drawing, watercolour or gouache may vary from one person to another.

The small size of the material and the possibility of rapid technical execution mean that it is often used for pochades, studies, projects, and outdoors. For the same reasons, watercolour is used forteaching and for amateur art practice.

Discover our two talented watercolourists: Marta and Delphine.

ACRYLIC (paint)

Acrylic paint is a type of paint (material) composed of pigments mixed with an aqueous emulsion of synthetic polyacrylic or polyvinyl resins developed in the mid xxe century.

These paintings are used in interior and exterior decoration and in the visual arts.

Many of the artists in the happy Funky family use acrylic paint to create portraits: Lison and Sylvie are among them.


A pet is an animal that receives protection from humans in exchange for its presence, its beauty, its joviality or its talents (singing birds, talkers, etc.). Because of their long history with humans, these pets have often been domesticated as a result of their taming. However, they differ from the domestic animal that simply lives in the vicinity of the house, a simple commensal of man, such as the working dog, as opposed to the "production animals" used for their meat, milk or eggs, such as cows or chickens. In Western countries, the main pets are cats and dogs, which, together with ferrets, are animals classified as "domestic carnivores" and therefore subject to special legislation.

Since the 1980s, species that entered the circle of pets after the 1970s have been referred to as 'new pets' (NACs). Some of these animals, such as ferrets and rabbits, had been domesticated for a long time, but were intended for other purposes. Others are exotic animals, legally considered as pets only in their country of origin, while elsewhere they are wild individuals that can be kept in captivity under certain conditions.

Many of the artists in the Happy Funky family paint portraits of pets: Delphine, Laure or Anna

B for


Embroidery is an art of fabric decoration which consists of adding a flat or raised pattern made of simple threads to a fabric, sometimes incorporating materials such as sequins, pearls or even precious stones. Art embroidery thus decorates fabrics by means of different stitches made with thread - which can be linen, cotton, silk, wool... - requiring special technical knowledge. Embroideries are found, for example, on clothing, clothing accessories, handkerchiefs, household linen or interior decoration items.

Embroiderers use specific tools, such as the sewing needle or crochet hook - nowadays often reserved for the haute-couture sector when made by hand -, the embroidery machine or industrial machines. Special supports, such as the round or the embroidery table, are also used. In France, the crochet embroiderer can use the Lunéville hook to insert pearls and sequins into the composition1. Embroiderers on hand-held machines can embroider with several threads and for larger works1.

Today's embroidery can be categorised into three main classes: hand embroidery, done by hand with a crochet needle; semi-mechanical embroidery, done by machine; and mechanical embroidery, done industrially.

Several artists of the happy Funky Family offer embroidered works: Telma, Anne-Cécile and Sylvère and Linda.


The word comes from the Gallic ' bouge ' and then from the Old French ' bougette ', which referred to a small purse hanging from the belt of a person's robe, containing small change to meet the foreseeable expenses of the day. The word was exported in the Middle Ages to England, where it later became the bag in which the Chancellor of the Exchequer presented accounts and other supporting documents to Parliament, and it gradually took on its current meaning of 'budget'. The word had disappeared from the French language for several centuries when it returned in the xviiie century via English, with its new meaning.

The artists of the Happy Funky Family offer commissioned portraits for all budgets from 150 euros.


An office is a place of work.

Whether you are a unicorn, a start-up, a family business, a hairdresser, a shopkeeper, a hotel or a restaurant... with our tailor-made works, you will enhance your most precious assets, your talents, your employees, your products, your partners and your customers.

Every creation begins with a conversation. Even if you are simply looking for ideas for gifts in your image for your colleagues, teams, events... Tell us a few words about your idea, your desire, or your project.

You can find many examples of BtoB projects on our "Art for professionals".


Happiness is a state felt as pleasant, balanced and lasting by anyone who feels that he or she has achieved the satisfaction of his or her aspirations and desires and experiences a sense of fulfilment and serenity.

Read our blog post on does art make you happy?

C for


A collage is the assembly of materials by means of glue. A collage is an artistic work obtained by collage.

Our artist Virginie makes your portraits from collages of different coloured paper.


A gift or present is a common form of gift intended to please a natural person. By extension, it is something that makes another person happy or less sad, a favour, an act of kindness and forgiveness. Usually the gift is an act of surprise to make the person as happy as possible.

Traditionally, there are certain occasions when gifts can be given: birthdays, Christmas, weddings, Valentine's Day, Mother's Day, etc.

In our sections you will find gift ideas inspiring examples made by our artists.


Power of creation, of invention.

The artists of the Happy Funky Family are carefully selected for their artistic and human qualities. Creativity is of course at the heart of their art!


In the world of contemporaryart, curation indicates a work of selection of artistic material, of scattered works, gathered in view of a new exhibition with the intention of reaching new audiences.

The sisters, Caroline and Nathalie, are real talent scouts who love to enrich the the artists' catalogue. They are curators.


A customer, in the economic sense, is the person or entity that makes the decision to purchase a good or service, either occasionally or on a regular basis, from a supplier (see trade). It is a person who entrusts his or her interests to another person (expert) in exchange for a good.

In the Happy Funky Family, the customer is king! We do our utmost to ensure an ultra-personalized, responsive and caring customer service. Do not hesitate to contact us contact if you have a project to submit or just a question.


The quality of light reflected from the surface of an object (regardless of its shape), according to the visual impression it produces (a colour, colours); the property attributed to light, to objects to produce such an impression (the colour).

Our artists make us see all the colours!!! and we love it. Indeed, they use and abuse colours in their creations.

Don't hesitate to give us your colour palette and our artists will make sure to create a portrait inspired by this palette.

D for


Action, art of decorating.

With the Happy Funky Family's custom-made portraits, you finally have a decoration that looks like you. Don't hesitate to call on our wall decoration. We will be happy to advise you.


Nowadays the terms "digital" and "digital" tend to refer to everything that represents the fields of computing, visuals, smartphone or tablet screens. We tend to lump everything together...

However, purists will tell you that digital and numérique do not mean the same thing from an etymological point of view (but not only). In France we say numérique, the word digital meaning "which relates to fingers". In English the term digital has been taken from "digit" which means number (counting on one's fingers) and digital "which uses numbers.

We talk about digital industry and digital practices, basic values on the one hand, use values on the other.

The Happy Funky family includes many digital illustrators who create sublime works of art by hand with their computer or tablet.

E for


Which moves, which gives rise to a disinterested emotion (compassion, admiration).

Our portraits are often the most precious thing you have. Our clients testify to the wow effect of this gift. The most common phrase: "I have never received such a moving gift!


Being human in the age of childhood.

It's a dream to immortalise our children who are growing up too fast! Here are some children's portraits inspiring ones.


The first, still imperfect, form that is given to a work.

Most of our artists offer one or two intermediate drafts to allow you to make some changes if you wish, to show you the evolution of the work and to make sure that their creation matches your expectations.

F is for


Related persons living in the same household, especially the father, mother and children.

Our artists make a lot of family portraits but be careful, the family in the broadest sense, that of blood of course but especially that of the heart. We are happy to receive your beautiful photos of large families, blended families, happy families, small families and always happy families!

G for


Water-based paint made of opaque colouring materials.


The ability to discern what is beautiful or ugly according to the criteria that characterise a group or an era in terms of aesthetics: She has taste.

Our catalogue of artists is wide enough to appeal to all tastes!

H is for

OIL (paint)

Oil painting has been around for centuries, although the term is used mainly to refer to the techniques used from the 15th centuryonwards in Europe, where they have since become the symbol of modern-day painting. Under obscure conditions, they slowly took over from the so-called "a tempera" paintings, bringing with them the use of a new support - canvas stretched on a frame - rather than the wooden panel and propagating a new vision, the "pictorial space", widely exploited by the Renaissance.

This paint is made up of crushed and agglutinated colours with drying oil, but usually conveyed (or even diluted) with a volatile gasoline. The oil is often supplemented with additional resins and drying agents. It can be used on any support, provided that it has been previously covered with a coating that prevents any deteriorating contacts that might occur between the paint layer and the support.

For a long time, the paint material (pigments and oil) was produced in the workshop and transported in bladders. Since the beginning of the 19th century, the paint industry has been using foldable tin tubes.

Our artist Nina creates sublime portraits in oil paint.

I for


Creative spirit that animates artists and researchers.

Your photos of family, friends or pets are an inexhaustible source of inspiration!

L for


The handing over of goods to the purchaser.

Our artists and service providers do their utmost to deliver your portraits on time and to pack them in such a way that they are not damaged during transport. We encourage our partners and artists to use recyclable packaging materials. We mainly use the postal services (colissimo) to send your portraits.

M for


Legitimate union of two persons under the conditions laid down by law.

Nothing gives us more pleasure in the Happy Funky Family than to transform wedding photos into works of art because they always breathe joy of life, happiness and especially love. Some of the inspiring work of wedding portraits.


The part of the human body used for touching and grasping, located at the end of the arm and equipped with five fingers.

N as in


A festival commemorating the birth of Jesus, celebrated by Christians on 25 December.

O is for


A work of art, orart object, is an artistic or aesthetic object or creation. Itis usually an item made by an artist.


That which emanates directly from its author or source, which is not a copy, reproduction, translation, recasting, etc.; authentic. A work of human hand, of which reproductions are made.

Who stands out from the crowd, who stands out from the ordinary

P is for


A representation (of a real person, especially their face) by drawing, painting or engraving.


  1. A method of obtaining a durable image of objects by the action of light on a sensitive surface.
  2. Shot taken with a very short exposure time and without the use of a stand.
  3. Image obtained by the process of photography.


Since the beginning of the 80's, the POSCA paint marker has been an immediate success in the artistic communities of urban cultures, and more particularly in the Graffiti community.
Indeed, graffiti artists very quickly adopted this marker which met their expectations: practical and efficient, ideal for always having paint on you to paint in the street and share their creation with the general public. They gave it a real popularity, which gradually spread beyond the urban space. Studio artists began to go "outside" to do street art, while graffiti artists began to work on canvas.

These exchanges between the artistic communities have given POSCA universal credibility and it has been gaining new users ever since.

From now on, from Street-Art to Fine Arts, through Illustration, Graffiti, Portrait and all forms of Customisation, POSCA stimulates an artistic dynamic with all audiences, on all media.

For ephemeral or permanent creations, POSCA offers a universal language, easy to access, which brings together artists and amateurs of all ages around the same passion: creation!

Q is for

What a great idea!

R for


The act of retiring from active life, abandoning one's duties; the state of someone who has ceased professional activities

S is for


A printing process using a fabric screen. Screen printing is a printing technique that uses stencils placed between the ink and the substrate. The materials used can be varied.

T is for


Capable of being woven, of being divided into threads that can be woven.


Ability, remarkable gift in the artistic field


The term pictorial technique describes "a conscious, regulated, reproducible and transmissible operating procedure" of the plastic arts, in particular the material and instruments used by the artist, which range from fresco to watercolour, oil paint and pastel

U as in


Which is one, which alone answers to its designation and forms a unity.

V for


Valentine's Day, 14 February, is considered in many countries to be the holiday for lovers. Couples use this day to exchange sweet nothings and gifts as proof of love, as well as red roses, which are the emblem of passion.


Period of leave for those in employment. Period during which school activity is interrupted.

W is for

Whaou, the cry of joy and surprise from our clients when they discover their portrait.

Y is for


The paired organ of sight, formed, in mammals, of the eyeball and its appendages (eyelids, eyelashes, lacrimal glands, etc.): This organ considered from the point of view of its appearance, its shape and in particular the iris for its colour: To have blue eyes.

Z is for


A maskedvigilante who first appeared in 1919 in a novel by Johnston McCulley entitled Capistrano's Scourge.

Do you need help? Ask us your question.