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Portrait of the painter Ced

Ced, collage and pixel 🇧🇷

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Ced's Happy Life

Born in 1968, he studied art in the United States at Northwest Community College and then at the prestigious Emile Cohl school of drawing in Lyon. He lived in Brazil for more than ten years where he began his artistic career.

Today, numerous exhibitions have been held around the world, in Buenos Aires, Barcelona, Tokyo, Miami and more recently in Cape Town, South Africa and Berlin.

Ced's Happy STYLE

Ced is a modern pointillist, an explorer of the pixel. This French artist places it at the heart of his artistic work as a symbol of human imperfection.

For more than 20 years, he has been taking us into the magic of his universe: confetti collages that you have to see up close to discover this meticulous work full of winks around many personalities... but also oil paintings that you have to discover this time from much further.

Ced's message is to know how to distance ourselves from the screens that transform us into Homo Digitalis, into a pixelated man. So, as a way to answer this questioning, he invites us to look at his paintings with the help of our mobile phones in order to transform them, as if by magic, from abstract to figurative.

Why we LOVE Ced

Everything fascinates us about Ced, starting with his name: the originality of his art, the meticulousness of his technique and above all the incredible rendering that changes according to the distance from which we admire it. It's joyful, it's playful, it's happy like us.

However, we appreciate the depth of the reflection on our relationship with screens and pixels!!!

The Happy Funky PORTRAIT of Ced

♥ Do you remember your first aesthetic shock?
Yes, when I met my wife

♥ The artist you would like to meet? What would you say to him?
The American artist Chuck Close. Too many questions to ask him, I don't know in what order they will come.

♥ What is your favourite colour?
The dark blue

photo as a work of art

♥ Which museum gives you the greatest emotion? Why do you ask?
The Louvre for its diversity.

♥ Which piece of art would you buy without hesitation if you had an unlimited budget?
A Chuck Close portrait or a Richter painting.

♥ In which city do you feel happiest? Why do you think so? Share your 3 favourite addresses.
Rio de Janeiro for having lived there for 11 years. Marseille for living there now. Saint Etienne for being born there.

Portrait printed on plexi in digital confetti

♥ What book keeps you up all night?
Jonathan Littell's Les Bienveillantes for its dread.

♥ What are your greatest sources of inspiration?
The human being and the portrait in particular.

♥ What's the funkiest thing you've done in your life?
I snorkelled across a river in the middle of the Amazon carrying a fridge (true).

♥ What is your definition of happiness?
Enjoying the good moments in life and being aware of them.

photo as a work of art

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