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Choose the artist who will create your personalized portrait from a photo

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Our Mission: To put people at the heart of art.

Our promise: Art that reflects you and brings you together.

Happy Funky Family simply offers portraits of happiness:
- Portraits of family, friends, pets
- House and garden portraits
- Wedding portraits, travel, souvenirs.

Made-to-measure portraits, personalized portraits, à la carte portraits that reflect your desires.

Realistic portraits, stylized portraits, aesthetic portraits, interpreted!

Choosing the right artist can be difficult (they're all attractive), so don't hesitate to ask our advice.

We have selected artists as much for their human qualities as for their artistry. They are all talented portraitists, specializing in customized, personalized works.

Each of them creates works entirely by hand in their own distinctive style.

They're just waiting for your photo to transform it into a work of art, interpreting it using the technique they've mastered perfectly.

Happy Funky Family's selection of artists reflects our taste for mixing it up. In our catalog, you'll find styles to suit all tastes, techniques and budgets.

Our aim: to enable you to choose the artist who best matches your artistic sensibility or that of the recipient of your exceptional gift.

Can't decide between several artists? Call on the Happy Funky Sisters! We'll be happy to advise you by e-mail, telephone or video.