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Otto, Wool Tinkerer šŸ‡«šŸ‡·

Discover the portraits made by Otto

Otto's Happy Life

Otto has been creating since his childhood. After studying literature, he moved to Italy where he taught French. On his return, he trained in merchandising and worked for various brands.

At the same time, he draws, paints and knits. His various trips are a source of inspiration

Three years ago, he started creating woolen dolls from photos, a kind of knitted icon.

The Happy STYLE of Otto

His Icons are knitted portraits

They are all unique pieces of the same size (about 15cm) and weight (about 150g). They are sometimes decorated with beads, small paper accessories, pieces of fabric…

The Icons are all handmade

Icons are not toys

Why we LOVE Otto

How can you survive in this complicated world without a good dose of humour and a sense of humour? This is what Otto offers us with infinite talent.

His icons are works of art that highlight small details of a dress or hairstyle. The silhouette is of course simplified but perfectly recognizable.

We appreciate their beauty, their fun and their sweetness, in short, a real favourite!

The Happy Funky PORTRAIT by Otto

ā™„ Do you remember your first aesthetic shock?
My mother’s wardrobe

ā™„ The artist you would like to meet? What would you say to him/her?
David Hockney; I wouldn’t dare talk to him

ā™„ What is your favourite colour?
Blues, all blues

ā™„ Which museum gives you the greatest emotion? Why or why not?
The musƩe du quai Branly, an invitation to travel

ā™„ Which piece of art would you buy without hesitation if you had an unlimited budget?
A XXL pumpkin by Yayoi Kusama

ā™„ In which city do you feel happiest? Why do you think so? Share your 3 favourite addresses.
Paris, the SacrƩ Coeur, the Museum of Decorative Arts

ā™„ What book keeps you up all night?
“The fat woman next door is pregnant,” the first volume of the Plateau Mont-Royal Chronicles by Quebec author Michel Tremblay.

ā™„ What are your biggest sources of inspiration?
My travels and my daily life

ā™„ What’s the funkiest thing you’ve done in your life?
The creation of Icons by OTTO

ā™„ What is your definition of happiness?
Living in the moment

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