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Women artists.... I love you

Valadon exhibition

Exhibitions: WOMEN ARTISTS... I love you

Two beautiful exhibitions highlight women artists and remedy the partial amnesia of art history about women and their role!

First exhibition: "Women Painters, Birth of a Fight" at the Musée du Luxembourg

from 03 March to 04 July 2021.

Exhibition of women painters at the Luxembourg Museum

In this exhibition, which we hope will open soon, the struggle of women artists for

  • the right to education
  • professionalism
  • a public existence
  • a place on the art market

Bringing together nearly 80 works, the exhibition highlights the pivotal period in history when, transformed by the French Revolution, the space of production opened up to women. The exhibition highlights the contribution of women to the evolution of portraiture, their favourite genre.

Second exhibition: "Valadon and her contemporaries, painters and sculptors."

from March 13 to June 27, 2021, at the Monastère Royal de Brou, 63 bd de Brou, Bourg en Bresse

This exhibition highlights the contribution of women artists to the extraordinary artistic effervescence of the years 1880-1940. About fifty artists are presented, with Suzanne Valadon as the figurehead, who embodies the emancipation of the female artistic scene of the early 20th century, but also Camille Claudel, Marie Laurencin, Sonia Delaunay and Tamara Lempicka.

This travelling exhibition has already been presented at the museum of Limoges. Here is an overview in pictures:

At that time, women artists did not have easy access to artistic studies. Most of them were the daughters or wives of artists and often the husband's name was remembered more than the wife's, as was the case for Sonia and Robert Delaunay. However, in 1897, women finally gained the right to go to art school to train.

These artists painted, sculpted or drew primarily their entourage and scenes of everyday life. They left us sublime portraits such as Suzanne Valadon's 'La chambre bleue' from 1923, a sort of manifesto of female emancipation. (on the poster below)

Valadon exhibition

In this exhibition, we feel the emergence of a sound between women, between artists, a desire to magnify women in general and to celebrate the links that bind them.

If you are as interested in the subject of women artists as we are, we invite you to follow the Mooc of the Centre Pompidou "elles font l'art" which is quite fascinating and has allowed us to discover many women, talented artists whose names had been forgotten in the usual courses on the history of art. Here is a brief introduction to the Mooc in question:

Another way to learn more about the subject is to subscribe to the RMN and Orange Foundation Mooc from March 29, 2021:

In the Happy Funky Family we have by chance more women than men artists. This is not a choice but the fruit of chance. Our artists are selected for their talent and kindness, no other criteria are taken into consideration.

Our artists, painters, illustrators, embroiderers, ceramists, collage specialists... are all, men and women, at your disposal to transform what you hold most dear into a work of art from a photo. A gift as original as it is moving, which is sure to please!

MOOC not to be missed

Mooc art history

Growing free of charge from home!

We share with you our Artistic MOOCs favorites. We draw our inspiration, ideas and colour code from our artistic culture. Each time we delve deeper into one or another of the major artistic trends, it is an unparalleled pleasure to discover and rediscover an artist, an anecdote or just to put events into perspective!

So for all those who wish to refresh their knowledge in art history, we recommend the mooc of the Orange Foundationa treasure trove of free courses accessible to all.

Online Art History Course


Happy Funly Family and Castelbajac Contest


Definition of art by the Happy Funky Family

During containment, we participated in a few contests on Instagram. The one in Castelbajac particularly caught our attention for two reasons. The first is that we have always loved Jean-Charles and even though he is no longer at the controls of his eponymous brand, we remain attached to the colourful, playful and humorous style of the brand. The second is that the contest was about giving his definition of art. So we thought it was right up our alley! Of course, we asked our community to encourage us by voting for us and surprise, we WON!

Our definition will be illustrated in the form of a print on one of the next Castelbajac collections and can be downloaded on @castelbajacofficiel as a wallpaper for smartphones!

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