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The Perfect Beauty…

The perfect beauty…

At a certain time, portraits were moving away from the truth so that the models approached perfection. In antiquity, for example, it was a way of showing the rank of the subjects treated because perfection was then the prerogative of the gods. On this coin, for example, King Alexander the Great appeared in the effigy of Apollo, the Greek sun god. The result is superb!

Piece de monnaie avec Apollon

This young woman, portrait of a lady in yellow, was also idealized by the Italian painter Alesso Baldovinetti, around 1465. Her skin is surprisingly smooth and clear, her expression peaceful, but the painter did not only give her gifts, he also left her a slightly irregular nose! A little anecdote: at the time, it was fashionable for women to depilate the top of their head to make their forehead appear larger. Beauty criteria have therefore evolved…

Portrait d'Alesso Baldovinetti

L’Delphian charioteer Hêniokhos, or Hêniokhos (in ancient Greek ἡνίοχος, “who holds the reins “), is one of the most famous sculptures of ancient Greece, and one of only five great bronzes that have survived from theclassical period. It is kept in the Archaeological Museum of Delphi and is dated, thanks to its inscription, between two Panhellenic games, either in 478 or 474, or between 470 and 467 BC. The sculpture was made to celebrate the winner of a chariot race. Its features are too symmetrical and smooth to be real.

statue grecque

These few examples among so many others make us smile, because isn’t art by definition the pure and simple idealization of reality? How could we deny the beautifying and purifying power of art? For those who would like to delve deeper into the subject, this philosophical essay, the truth in Art is absolutely exciting!

In the Happy Funky familyWe think that life is too short not to enjoy ourselves, not to take advantage of the people we love and not to surround ourselves with beautiful things. This is why we use and abuse the beautifying power of Art and the talent of our artists to transform family, friends, colleagues into a work of art.

Our artists see you as Apollo’s and as wonderful subjects of inspiration that they will be happy to showcase.