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Artist of the Happy Funky Family

Delphine, painter 🇷🇪

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Delphine's Happy VIE

Trained as an ecologist and naturalist, Delphine is passionate about nature and animals, which have fascinated her since childhood.

Motivated by a creative mother and a grandmother who loves to draw, she has developed the need to pass all the animals and plants she observes under her pencils and brushes.

When she is not painting portraits of pets, she paints the wilderness in all its diversity, and hopes to participate in raising public awareness of the protection of Nature.

Between her trips to Senegal, Italy, Morocco, and the different places where she was able to settle for a few months or several years, Touraine, Finistère, Var and Reunion, she was able to draw from many different sources of inspiration.

Delphine's Happy STYLE

Delphine has a rather realistic style, but with a touch of naivety and softness. She works in watercolour, with a few final touches added with coloured pencil.

It essentially draws the portrait of animals, both domestic and wild. Her naturalist's eye allows her to capture the details that make the unique personality of the animal or wild species.

Why do we LOVE Delphine

In the Happy Funky Family, we share Delphine's love of nature and animals.

Delphine paints her portraits of dogs, cats, rabbits, horses and other animals in watercolour with great care and delicacy. The owners are very often bluffed by the realism of the line, she manages to capture the personality of the animals, the softness of their look and the reflections of their fur or coat.

If animals could talk, they would probably be the first to congratulate her!

Delphine's Happy Funky PORTRAIT

♥ Do you remember your first aesthetic shock?
The banks of the Loire during the autumn.

♥ The artist you would like to meet? What would you say to her?
A contemporary illustrator whose work I particularly like, Annette Marnat. I would ask her for advice on colour choices, as I always find hers perfect!

What is your favourite colour? What does it inspire?
Green. I love the many shades that exist, which can render very different moods in a painting. It represents of course for me the nature and the lush vegetation that I love so much.

Animal portrait for Happy Funky Family
Animal portrait for Happy Funky Family

♥ Which museum gives you the greatest emotion? Why?
The Musée des Beaux Arts in Marseille, simply because it was the first one I visited in which I could admire real paintings.

♥ Which piece of art would you buy without hesitation if you had an unlimited budget?
Honestly, no specific idea, but I would definitely splurge on several works by contemporary illustrators and artists whose work I admire (Leigh Ellexson, Rozenn Grosjean, Holly Exley, and many others...).

♥ In which city do you feel happiest? Why do you think so? Share your 3 favourite addresses.
In Montlouis-sur-Loire, the town of my childhood where my family still lives. I come back there every year, several times when possible.

My favorite address is my parents', but it is not shared ! And the guinguette of Tours, located on the banks of the Loire, is a very nice place to meet with friends during the summer !

Animal portrait for Happy Funky Family

♥ What book keeps you up all night?
The Harry Potter saga, by J.K. Rowling, which followed me through much of my teenage years. Having read it several times, I still enjoy diving back into it.

♥ What are your biggest sources of inspiration?
Nature: animals, plants, landscapes...

♥ What's the funkiest thing you've done in your life?
During a trip to Senegal, I was able to come face to face with a group of baboons along a river in the forest, which they came to drink from before going back to sleep in the cliffs for the night. They intimidated us with their barking and the youngsters threw leaves and stones at us (even though they were too far away to reach us). It was a stressful and magical moment!

♥ What is your definition of happiness?
Being with my close family!

Animal portrait for Happy Funky Family

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