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The Happy Funky Family celebrates the art of love...

For Valentine's day, become the most beautiful source of inspiration for our artists and share with us your most beautiful love stories. We transform your photos of LOVE into unique and personalized works of art to immortalize your love.

at the low price of 150 euros!

Romantic Portrait

Digital illustration by Anna from Poland for lovers with a capital A and a beating heart at the window of the hotel AMOUR!

Poetic Portrait

Photo collage by Katarina from Serbia for lovers of kitsch, stars in the eyes, a magical memory!

Portrait FUNKY

Photo collage by Lena from Russia for street-art lovers, a fashionable and funky souvenir!


Embroidered photo by Telma, for lovers of colorful love for eternity!

digital family portrait personalized and on order
Personalized family portrait painted on canvas for Happy Funky Family
Personalized family portrait
Our interpretation of Valentine's Day

When you love, you don't count?

It's too easy to make a big deal out of it, so we prefer thoughtful, measured and personalized gifts, gifts that speak to people's hearts. Here is our interpretation of Valentine's Day!

Crazy Valentine's Day giftsA Valentine's Day Surprise
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